INFINITECH Best Practices For Data Modeling

The Data Pack is the set of files, schemas and metadata model diagrams (Graphs) that represent the way the INFINITECH data is organised and structured, it contains the metadata in .ttl format and also contains the metadata in two different formats, .json-ld and .owl to ensure the Data Pack is accessible to different communities.

7 June 2022

This version:1.0
License: License

INFINITECH Semantic Model - Data Pack

The current complete Data Pack can be found in the table below:

INFINITECH Core Ontology
infinitech-core.ttl (Ontology: OWL)
infinitech-core.jsonld (Ontology: JSON-LD)
infinitech-core-diagram.svg (Vector Graphics)
infinitech-core-ontology (Documentation)
TAH Ontology
TAHO.ttl (Ontology: OWL)
TAHO.jsonld (Ontology: JSON-LD)
TAHO.svg (Vector Graphics)
taho-ontology (Documentation)
FIGI Ontology
figi-ontology.ttl (Ontology: OWL)
figi-ontology.jsonld (Ontology: JSON-LD)
figi-ontology-diagram.svg (Vector Graphics)
figi-ontology (Documentation)
LKIF Ontology
lkif-ontology.ttl (Ontology: OWL)
lkif-ontology.jsonld (Ontology: JSON-LD)
lkif-ontology-diagram.svg (Vector Graphics)
lkif-ontology (Documentation)
FIBO Ontology
fibo-ontology.ttl (Ontology: OWL)
fibo-ontology.jsonld (Ontology: JSON-LD)
fibo-ontology-diagram.svg (Vector Graphics)
fibo-ontology (Documentation)